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Tasting Notes: Black Currant, Watermelon, Dark Honey

Cup Characteristics: Bright and juicy with a long lingering sweetness

Processing: Depulped, fermented for 12 hours, then dried on raised beds for 7-10 days

Region: Jimma

Producers: Kolla Bolcha Cooperative 

Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

This coffee was produced by the Kata Muduga union as part of the greater Kolla Bolcha cooperative. Like the majority of coffees in Ethiopia, this is an heirloom varietal grown by individual farmers on very small plots of land (often in a garden) and is picked by hand then brought to their regional co-op for sale into the larger lots. As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia has an extremely well fraught methodology in processing coffee. This ensures each coffee is treated with great care at every point of contact, from growers to the co-op to the processing plant. This quality shines through in the cup, creating an absolutely breathtaking array of floral complexity, watermelon brightness and finishing with a long, lingering deep honey sweetness. You won't want to stop tasting this coffee all day long, luckily you don't have to. 

Each bag of Forged Coffee comes with 1 packet of Third Wave Water, which can be added to one gallon of distilled or reverse-osmosis water to create optimum coffee brewing water, greatly increasing the flavor of your brew.