Tasting Notes: Cane Sugar, Apricot, Citrus

Cup Characteristics: Juicy, caramel body with a bright, citrus acidity.

Processing: Washed, fermented for 16 to 18 hours; dried on patios and in mechanical silos.

Region: Narino

Producers: 18 members of the co-op

Altitude: 1,750–1,900 meters ASL

Varietals: Castillo, Caturra and Colombia

This coffee represents 18 farms, which on average are each less than a hectare. The farmers all work together, picking only perfectly ripe cherry by hand. Before harvest, the producers committed to separating a portion of their peak-harvest cherry, which were processed separately. The wet-milling processes included 16 to 18 hours of fermentation, drying on patios and in a mechanical silo. This results in a bright, juicy cup that is balanced and sweet.

Each bag of Forged Coffee comes with 2 packets of Third Wave Water, which can be added to one gallon of distilled or reverse-osmosis water to create optimum coffee brewing water, greatly increasing the flavor of your brew.

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