The Forged Coffee Book Club

The Forged Coffee Book Club

30.00 every month

What goes together better than coffee and books? In our opinion, nothing. As coffee lovers, (and avid readers) we have always felt like a standard coffee subscription, while quite useful, left us wanting for something. Perhaps it felt a little dry, or utilitarian. Lacking something more compelling than just lovely coffee (if that were possible), or perhaps it is because at least one of us is a wannabe english professor who never finished post-graduate work. Who can be sure? Either way, that’s why we’ve chosen to create the Forged Coffee Book Club. Think of it as a hybrid between a monthly coffee subscription and a book of the month club and your local book club that meets in person. Coffee will be roasted and orders shipped the second week of the month, to arrive around the 15th each month.

What you’ll get each month:

  • One freshly roasted 12 oz bag of beautiful coffee (changes monthly)

  • One paperback or hardcover book of our choosing (changes monthly)

  • One Forged branded bookmark, specific to each coffee (collect ‘em all!)

  • One Third Wave Water remineralization packet to add to a gallon of distilled or RO water to create perfect coffee brewing water

  • One set of guided questions for that month’s book, should you choose to participate

  • Access to the Forged Good Reads online group where we can discuss that month’s book selection

Because we are trying something new and perhaps a bit odd, here are some (presumed) FAQ’S:

Q: What should I expect?

A: Delicious coffee and a good book. Outside of that, who knows?! The fun thing about trying something new is not knowing exactly where it will take us.

Q: How will books be chosen?

A: For ease, we will choose the first few selections of books. After that, we hope the group will be active enough that we can collectively vote on upcoming book selections. Love Sci-fi or Non-fiction or something else you don’t see represented? Great, give us a suggestion. Hate the book you’ve received or already own it? Sorry to hear that, maybe gift it to a friend? After all, Who doesn’t love being given a book?

Q: Is there a specific topic or kind of book you’ll be sending?

A: We don’t want to constrain ourselves to one genre or topic. If you want to see something represented, drop us a line. Whenever possible, we will send paperbacks and would prefer to buy used books when we can. There’s enough paper waste in the world and used books are just cooler.

Q: What if I don’t have time to commit to a book club?

A: We get it, we’re all busy. If you can participate, great. You choose the level of engagement you’re able to put forth. If you’re too busy, don’t feel obligated, just read and enjoy these books at your own pace. We think you’ll get enough out of this monthly subscription as is. Ultimately, we’d like this to be a fun exercise in community building, we don’t want to add stress to anyone’s day to day. Participate as you would like!

Q: Ok, but seriously, why?

A: Because we love reading and drinking good coffee. Maybe the book club aspect takes off and we all participate and feel deeply enriched by it. Maybe the group stays dormant but we have a newfound appreciation for the books we receive. Maybe you love it so much, you form local, in person book clubs using this subscription in your city. Worst case scenario, we all get some new reading material and a tasty coffee to drink. It could be worse.